Junior Teen Ministry

Ages: 12–14 year olds
Contact: Jordan Wendt, Interim Teen Coordinator, youth@eccad.org

Open to all students between the ages 12 to 14, The Forge is a great place for teenagers to get plugged in, both socially and spiritually. No matter the school you attend, the country you're from, or what music you listen to, you'll fit in and be encouraged to be YOU - because the biggest thing we have in common is that we're all different!

We use the Gospel Project curriculum to engage and challenge students to walk with Christ.
Date/Time: Fridays at 8:30am
Venue: ECC 2nd floor, classroom 16

The Forge Volunteers
To run this ministry we are in need of volunteers.  If you would like to get involved in serving the Body of Christ in this way please contact Jordan at youth@eccad.org.