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God Meant it for Good: The Story of Joseph

Date: June 2, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Jeramie Rinne

Series: God Meant it for Good: The Story of Joseph

Category: Expository

Scripture: Genesis 40:1–40:23

Synopsis: Most of us hate waiting. In this modern age we have grown accustomed to fast food, 24/7 customer support, high speed internet connections, and front door delivery (especially here in the UAE!). Our world doesn't train us to be patient. And yet in the Christian life, we must often wait on the Lord. Believers frequently find themselves waiting patiently on God in the midst of difficult situations. How do we persevere when we cry out to God for deliverance day after day, month after month, and yet nothing changes? How do we learn to keep trusting in God's purposes and promises when it seems things are going from bad to worse?


There is no manuscript available for this sermon.