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Exodus: Saved and Set Apart

Date: October 5, 2018

Speaker: Pastor Curt Romig

Series: Exodus: Saved and Set Apart

Category: Expository

Scripture: Exodus 4:1–4:17

Tags: signs, staff, power, Moses, weakness

The following study guide is to be used to discuss the Friday, October 5 sermon. 

Study Guide - Exodus 4:1-17

READ Exodus 4:1-17

1. What is Moses worried about and why?

2. What does God do to show Moses, and eventually Egypt that he is all-powerful?

3. Why does Moses continue to doubt and fear?

4. What is the significance of the staff?

Application: How do we know God's presence and power are with us today?

Application: How do we see the Holy Spirit's power in our lives today?

Application: Are there things that God calls you to in his word, but you feel like you are too weak to do? Maybe evangelism? Or teaching?

5. Why was God angry with Moses and how did he show grace to Moses?

6. How did Jesus represent God perfectly in ways that Moses failed?