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Exodus: Saved and Set Apart

Date: October 26, 2018

Speaker: Pastor Jeramie Rinne

Series: Exodus: Saved and Set Apart

Category: Expository

Scripture: Exodus 6:28–7:13

The following study guide is to be used to discuss the Friday, October 26, 2018 sermon. 

ECC Sermon Study Guide

Study Guide - Exodus 7:1-13


Introduction - God’s sovereignty is both a very comforting truth and an extremely difficult doctrine. We find the reality of God’s Lordship over all things comforting when we are suffering. When life feels out of control we thank God that he is in control and that he can sovereignly bring good out of evil. But the doctrine is also difficult because it raises challenging questions. If God is in control of all things, does that include the sinful actions of wicked people? And if it does, why does God let evil people sin? And does it make God the cause of sin?  In today’s text, we come to a classic example of this challenge: the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart. 
READ Exodus 7:1-13

1. God describes Aaron’s relationship to Moses as that of being Moses’ “prophet.”What does that mean, and how does this help us understand the role of a prophet?

Application: Some people today claim to be prophets.  How should we view such claims?

2. God tells Moses that he will harden Pharaoh’s heart (7:3 - see also 4:21)? In what ways is this statement challenging? In what ways is it comforting?

Application: Is there someone who’s heart you are praying God might change?

3. Why does God harden Pharaoh’s heart? (7:4-5 and 13)

Gospel Connection - How do we see both wicked actions and the sovereignty of God in the gospel story (see Acts 2:23 and 4:25-28)?

4. What lessons does Paul take from the story of the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart (Read Romans 9:14-24?
5. Regardless of how you are making sense of this complex truth about God, hopefully we can all agree that God has revealed this aspect of himself in the Bible for our ultimate good.  How can you be applying the truth of God’s sovereignty in your life this week?