World Missions

Global Outreach Team (GOT) Committee Members: Keith & Dorothenia Tuttle, Binny Chacko, Tom Harper, Pastor Curt Romig

In keeping with its purpose “to introduce people to the Lord Jesus Christ, help them grow in their faith and equip them for ministry both here and around the world”, ECC devotes 15% of its annual budget to the spread of the gospel in the region and beyond. Through our financial support, Christian workers are involved in the following:

  • announcing the good news of King Jesus to people who haven’t heard it
  • establishing communities of disciples
  • training leaders of those communities
  • educating children
  • sheltering orphans
  • caring for widows
  • providing medical aid
  • supporting believers who are persecuted for their belief in Jesus

When considering Christian work to support, the Global Outreach Team gives priority to men and women who want to work locally among people groups who do not know of Jesus. The GOT also leans toward those workers who do not have networks of support in wealthy Western countries.

Currently, ECC supports the spread of the gospel and other expressions of God’s love in Lebanon, India, Nepal and other places not so far away.